Get your hands dirty with
your Evernote notes.

Why am I here and what is an ENML Editor?

Evernote has a nice WYSIWYG editor on most of its platforms and it works for normal people. But some geeks want more: If you can read and write XHTML and you are not afraid of potentially screwing up your note, use this webapp to edit the underlying XML content of a note. And since the XML content must comply to the Evernote Markup Language ENML, this webapp is called ENML Editor.

But why would I want to use this?

Maybe you want to color code some of your notes. Or maybe you want to correct this strange rendering problem with bulleted items. Or maybe you are just curious to see the inner details of your note.

Okay, I'm sold. How do I edit my note ENML-style?

It's just as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Connect to Evernote
  • Edit your note

Three steps are still too much work!

Use our bookmarklet: Drag this button ENML Editor to your bookmarks bar. When you are logged in the Evernote Web Client, click the bookmarklet and you can immediately edit the currently visible note on our ENML edit page (maybe you need to confirm authorization).

But I'm using the desktop version of Evernote!

Thanks to Jonathan Laliberte, you can use this AppleScript.


I take no responsibility or liability for possibly screwing up your notes. I use this service myself and didn't have any problems so far, but I cannot guarantee that it works for you, too. Before editing, back up!

Feedback and bugreports are always welcome